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Does the Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech attract mosquitoes?

This post evaluates the claim on the label, “mosquitoes will gather near them”. Per the company, it is the first step in how the device kills mosquitoes. I.e., the device needs to attract mosquitoes if it is going to work.

mosquitoes will gather

Evaluating the claim

I used a security camera to record activity around the cap area. Here’s a photograph of how I arranged everything:

Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech with security camera

Below is a 15-second time-lapse to show that small insects such as ants were easily visible, even at night. I think they are Prenolepis imparis, which are 3-4 mm long —mosquitoes are larger and thus would be detectable even in flight.

On the day that began filming (September 2nd, 2020) I counted over a dozen mosquitoes (all Aedes albopictus) landing on my arms and legs within 30 seconds. According to the instruction sheet, the device begins to work instantly, as soon as water is added, so an hour of remote, video observation should be a sufficient amount of time to evaluate the attraction claim.

Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech begins working instantly

I collected continuous footage for over a week, ending observations on September 10th. The mosquitoes were still plentiful on that day.


During 183 hours of footage, I couldn’t find a single mosquito on or near the device. Here are the contents. I also posted a photograph to iNaturalist.


Because the Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech did not attract any mosquitoes, it therefore did not kill any mosquitoes. If my results are generalizable to other yards, the device is worthless as mechanism of mosquito control.

It is noteworthy, I think, that Spartan Mosquito has not made public a single video of mosquitoes gathering around a Pro Tech (or an Eradicator) when it is deployed outside. My guess is that the company has tried many times to get such footage but has not succeeded in attracting a mosquito. It will be interesting to know whether they will be compelled to disclose their efforts in a court of law. I.e., because the company has formally claimed to the EPA that “mosquitoes will gather” around the Pro Tech, the company would be in substantial legal jeopardy if that statement turned out to be false. If that’s what is going on then it seems likely that the EPA Enforcement Office might coordinate with the FTC as well.

Please also see my page, “Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech review“.


In case anyone might be skeptical of my results, I decided to upload all 183 hours of footage onto YouTube. I had to break it into 16 segments due to size limits on YouTube.

18 thoughts on “Does the Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech attract mosquitoes?

      1. Phillip Hoover

        I’m sure your mind is made up ,but I have sold these at my retail store ,bought from my distributor for the last 3 years. We sold around 400 kits so far. 9.5 out 10 of al the customers came back and bought more ,sometimes a lot more. People that live in a woods and for the first time since they bought the place ,can they go out and work in a summer afternoon and many more like that.

        1. Colin Purrington Post author

          Is your distributor still supplying Spartan Mosquito Eradicators? The company didn’t make any last year, I think, and they’ve been trying to get people to buy their Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech, instead.

  1. Shanty Bob

    Thank you so much for this info. I was fixing to buy a mess of this stuff and decided at the last minute to check reviews. I appreciate you helping me to not waste my money on this crapola. Thanks again.
    I guess people think if its expensive it may work.

  2. Deb

    We were going to buy it. I had hope-we have many animals here and my outdoor cats roam around in the grass. I thought it would be helpful. Now I am very sad, but won’t waste money. Is there a non toxic way to keep mosquitos away? We have an acre with a ditch that collects water in back of us, thus-always mosquitos.

  3. Kevin in Frisco

    Hi Colin, thank you for taking the time to put together a thorough and documented review of Spartan’s products. I recently purchased a two Dynatrap3 LED traps. A small one for inside, and larger unit for outside. The patio unit was capturing mosquitoes and flys like crazy when I last checked on it. A plus is, very low power consumption, unlike the Flowtron zappers I been using 40/80 watt. You might want to do a review on these also. Keep them coming and best of luck to ya!

  4. David

    Thanks Colin for your efforts in testing this product. I saw it yesterday at my local Home Depot placed strategically for impulse purchases. I’m glad I held off and found your website. Keep up the good work.

  5. Sunny Horacek

    Hi, Colin! Unfortunately I read your review AFTER I had purchased the Pro Tech version. I’m going to try it anyway just to see if Texas mosquitoes are more hungry or dumber than those in your neck of the woods. The folks on the Nextdoor (social media) site swear they’re having a lot of success with them, and they’re selling like hot cakes at the stores. If they DO work, I’ll definitely use the refill recipe. Thanks so much for your research.

  6. Keith

    When I first saw the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator videos on Youtube, I went to their website to check for pricing and found them to be quite pricey. My next thought was to find the Safety Data Sheet to find out what the active ingredients were so I could make my own using empty plastic peanut butter jars. When I discovered the ingredients were sugar, salt and yeast, my first thought was, this will not kill mosquitos, it might attract ants but that’s about all. Your video confirmed this to be true.



  7. Phillip Hoover

    No ,it is now protect [Pro Tech] only. And those don’t sell. People won’t pay the same price for something that needs double the amount and lasts for 1/3rd the price [time].


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