I use this blog mainly to post nature photographs with geeky commentary.

This site also has multiple pages of academic tips that I developed while teaching evolutionary biology at Swarthmore College (1997-2011). I’m a graduate of Reed College and Brown University (PhD) and did post-doctoral research at Washington University and the University of Chicago.

There are also a few pages with graphics related to evolutionary biology, part of a futile scheme to get more non-scientists to display their acceptance of evolution.

If for some reason you’d like to support my futile projects, you can buy me a virtual coffee via my ko-fi page. Or surprise me with a book from my Amazon wishlist. If you think I’m especially deserving, I desperately need a trinocular microscope (same list). I’d even be grateful for a nasty, used trinocular microscope.

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Photograph of Colin Purrington
Ornithoptera priamus