Colin PurringtonThis site is mainly a place for me to post nature photographs, especially of organisms that are odd or at least doing odd things. That’s why I’ve named the blog “Wunderkammera.” Wunderkammer is the German name for cabinet of curiosities (glass cabinets with displays of interesting dead organisms, rocks, and such), so I thought a good photography version of that would be Wunderkammera. It’s a really stupid pun that requires a love of German, which I do. My grandmother from Germany would have found it amusing, I think.

The site also has geeky tips for students and academics, and links for spreading acceptance of evolution.

If you’re interested in my sordid past: Reed College B.A., Brown University PhD, Washington University/University of Chicago postdoc. Evolutionary biologist at Swarthmore College for 14 years.

You can email me at my gmail account, which is just my full name. If you just want to stalk me, I’m on Twitter and Instagram.

If for some reason my geeky tips have saved your life in some way and you want to thank me, you can surprise me by sending me a science book from my Amazon wishlist. I made the list for my Mom but she’s apparently not checking it very often.