I use this blog primarily to share nature photographs (my full collection is here). But most people come here for my tips on scientific posters. And, yes, I’m the guy who ate the 8 year-old Twinkie.

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In case you’re interested, I’m a graduate of Reed College (BA) and Brown University (PhD), then did post-doctoral research at Washington University and the University of Chicago. I taught evolutionary biology at Swarthmore College from 1997 to 2011. Prior to all the academic stuff I baked cakes for Denison University’s president (back when I was a teen). Yo Yo Ma said my lemon cake was delicious.

Random fun facts: I’ve been hit by lightning and stuck in quicksand. Unpleasant but it could have been worse.

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Photograph of Colin Purrington. Holding a framed Ornithoptera priamus.