Class action suit over Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

Spartan Mosquito, Jeremy Hirsch, and the Bonner Analytical Testing Company are targets of a $5 million class-action lawsuit for falsely advertising that Spartan Mosquito Eradicators kill mosquitoes.

Here is my 2019 review of the device. The company is trying very, very hard to get me to take my review down.

Scientists have since confirmed that salt (the “active” ingredient) doesn’t kill mosquitoes, and have confirmed that the devices do not control mosquitoes.

The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase, which means that Spartan Mosquito is being compelled to provide the experimental results that backs up their efficacy claims. The defendants will surely have to settle before the case goes to trial.

Chris Bonner and Jeremy Hirsch
Chris Bonner (left) and Jeremy Hirsch (middle) demonstrating their Spartan Mosquito Eradicator.

Documents filed in court

Here is the full listing of available documents. I link to several of the documents below, but if you’d like to receive any of the other documents, contact me.

May 2020

Select quotations from the complaint:

  • “… the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is a complete scam.”
  • “Product is ineffective for mosquito control because it does not kill mosquitoes or decrease mosquito populations.”
  • “Defendants are well-aware that the Product is ineffective yet sell it anyway in pursuit of profit and in clear disregard for public health and safety.”
  • “If Defendants’ claim of having solved one of mankind’s most vexing problems
    and greatest health challenges using just sugar, salt, and yeast sounds too good be true, that is because it is.”
  • “Defendants already know that the Product does not work. They have repeatedly
    commissioned efficacy tests which found that Defendants’ marketing claims were unsupported and that the Product did not work as advertised. However, they have suppressed publication of these findings using nondisclosure agreements and threats to the scientists involved in this research.”
  • “… the Mosquito Illness Alliance has listed the Product as the first in their list of ‘Myths/Scams (Products that do not work)’.”
  • Spartan’s founder and spokesperson, Jeremy Hirsch, has made personal threats to at least one scientist involved in this research in order to intimidate him out of publicizing the results of his research.”

September 2020

February 24, 2021

March 10, 2021

March 22, 2021

  • Judge issues order denying the defendants’ motion to stay discovery

March 29 2021

April 1 2021

April 23


Spartan Mosquito and Jeremy Hirsch (inventor, chairman of the board, spokesperson) are represented by Edward Boyle and Anna Dimon (both of Venable LLP). Bonner Analytical Testing Company (owned by Spartan VP Chris Bonner’s dad) is represented by Rachel Bandli and Daniel Benson (both of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, a favorite of Trump and similar folks). Bonner Analytical is named in the suit because some of the experiments were conducted at the facility. The attorney who filed the class-action is Yitzchak Kopel. Mr Kopel seems to specialize on companies that make false mosquito-control claims.

13 thoughts on “Class action suit over Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

  1. Roberto

    I used the Spartan mosquito product last year and it worked wonders. I used it again this spring with the same results. These are the only 2 years since 1970 that we have been mosquito free. I have no idea what’s in there, or what your complaint is, but it works better than a cigar and is probably healthier than spreading tobacco juice or deet on our skin.

      1. Ann

        B.S. It works! You are a pain in the neck law firm. If you follow directions, which some people fail to do, there is no question that Spartan works. It’s a great product – has NOTHING to do with placebo effect. It works.

        1. John

          I agree 100%! Just got through hanging mine for the second time this year. I refill them. A placebo effect makes zero sense…..this isn’t a mental issue! It’s as if they want you to believe that there are no more mosquitos bothering you because they are still biting you, you just Don’t feel them or see them because you just hung a red & black tube in the yard? Or! Let me guess…I hung these mosquito killers up but they don’t work because my brain is now sending a signal for the insects to stay away from me because they now know I don’t want them around?! Silliest crap I’ve ever heard of…

      1. Colin Purrington Post author

        Company doesn’t make the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator anymore. They want everyone to buy the Spartan Mosquito PRO TECH, a version that costs more and is less effective (you need twice as many tubes/acre). Good luck in your quest!

  2. Tom Rodgers

    I have been using spartan mosquito baits with success for the last 3 years. I have tried to replicate them, but for the species of mosquito we have around here they are death. Good work boys, screw New York idiots.


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