Class action suit over Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

Spartan Mosquito is facing a $5 million class-action lawsuit for falsely advertising that Spartan Mosquito Eradicators kill mosquitoes.

The device is a plastic tube filled with water, sugar, yeast, and salt. The company advertises that mosquitoes are drawn inside the device, drink the fluid, exit, then die. The claim is that up to 95% of mosquitoes in a yard are killed for up to 90 days. I reviewed the device in 2019.

Below is a photograph of the founders, Chris Bonner (orange shirt) and Jeremy Hirsch (blue shirt), demonstrating the Eradicator.

Chris Bonner and Jeremy Hirsch

Here’s a PDF of the complaint. Some additional files are available at Court Listener. I have all the files if you are interested.

Select quotations from the complaint

  • “… the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is a complete scam.”
  • “Product is ineffective for mosquito control because it does not kill mosquitoes …”
  • “Defendants are well-aware that the Product is ineffective yet sell it anyway in pursuit of profit and in clear disregard for public health and safety.”
  • “If Defendants’ claim of having solved one of mankind’s most vexing problems and greatest health challenges using just sugar, salt, and yeast sounds too good be true, that is because it is.”
  • “Defendants already know that the Product does not work. They have repeatedly commissioned efficacy tests which found that Defendants’ marketing claims were unsupported and that the Product did not work as advertised. However, they have suppressed publication of these findings using nondisclosure agreements and threats.”
  • “Spartan’s founder and spokesperson, Jeremy Hirsch, has made personal threats to at least one scientist involved in this research in order to intimidate him out of publicizing the results of his research.”


One reason why Spartan Mosquito seems likely to lose is that scientists have confirmed that salt (the “active” ingredient) doesn’t kill mosquitoes. And another team of scientists has confirmed that Spartan Mosquito Eradicators do not control mosquitoes. So there’s rather good evidence the tubes don’t work. It’s likely the scientists who conducted the studies will be called to testify.

The attorney who filed the class-action, Yitzchak Kopel, seems to specialize on companies that make false mosquito-control claims.

I plan on attending the trial.

  • Spartan Mosquito is being sued by the non-profit, Remember Everyone Deployed, for copyright infringement (and etc.). Spartan Mosquito now runs a similar website and Facebook page. Details.
  • Spartan Mosquito is being sued by Lights On Distributors, Bryan Carter, and Think Webstore (the ad agency responsible for Spartan Mosquito’s success) for breach of contract, etc. Documents claim, in part, that Spartan Mosquito hid profits by funneling “significant sums of money” to the company’s treasurer, Lady Josephine Hirsch (wife of co-founder, Jeremy Hirsch). Details.
  • There’s a NASCAR suit involving breach of contract, etc. Brennan Poole is also named in suit. Details.
  • Spartan Mosquito is suing me for alerting the EPA. Not sure when the trial will be held. I plan on attending. Details.

There may be other lawsuits that I don’t know about. For example, the company posted on its Facebook page that a group of scientists at Purdue University is suing Spartan Mosquito, perhaps over the $500,000 prize for a contest announced on Facebook (I’m guessing Spartan Mosquito doesn’t want to pay up). I’ve also been informed that the Environmental Protection Agency is investigating Spartan Mosquito, so perhaps Federal charges will materialize at some point. But the latter might relate to the company’s other device, the Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech.

I’ll update this page as cases work their way through court system. If you have information on any of the above, please contact me.

35 thoughts on “Class action suit over Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

  1. Roberto

    I used the Spartan mosquito product last year and it worked wonders. I used it again this spring with the same results. These are the only 2 years since 1970 that we have been mosquito free. I have no idea what’s in there, or what your complaint is, but it works better than a cigar and is probably healthier than spreading tobacco juice or deet on our skin.

      1. Ann

        B.S. It works! You are a pain in the neck law firm. If you follow directions, which some people fail to do, there is no question that Spartan works. It’s a great product – has NOTHING to do with placebo effect. It works.

        1. John

          I agree 100%! Just got through hanging mine for the second time this year. I refill them. A placebo effect makes zero sense…..this isn’t a mental issue! It’s as if they want you to believe that there are no more mosquitos bothering you because they are still biting you, you just Don’t feel them or see them because you just hung a red & black tube in the yard? Or! Let me guess…I hung these mosquito killers up but they don’t work because my brain is now sending a signal for the insects to stay away from me because they now know I don’t want them around?! Silliest crap I’ve ever heard of…

      1. Colin Purrington Post author

        Company doesn’t make the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator anymore. They want everyone to buy the Spartan Mosquito PRO TECH, a version that costs more and is less effective (you need twice as many tubes/acre). Good luck in your quest!

        1. Roj

          Hey, Colin!

          You don’t want to say it, understandably, but it’s quite obvious that people commenting in favor of the product are from a PR firm working for the producer. They should know that we see through them.

          I’ve read more about this case than I should (lol) and it’s clear that the whole thing is an elaborate money-making scam.

          One wonders why people would by it when it doesn’t work but, firstly, I doubt the company is doing that well. (What are their finances saying?). Secondly, those who are buying it have to be mostly first-time buyers who’s never buy it again. Thirdly, the notion that mosquitos supposedly “die elsewhere”, and together with the artificial emphasis on “following the instructions correctly” make people wonder whether “it MAY be working”, or somehow blame themselves and not the product, Again, it would be interesting to see how the comany actually is doing financially.

          You have been sued by that company, which I gather you’re not very happy about because if the financial burden, not to mention emotionally. Could you somehow stall that one and wait for this class action suit, which seems to be strong, to come to a conclusion? If the company is convicted there, it would also have positive implictions for your case, no?

          Anyhow, wishing you all the best and thank you for your work. You wouldn’t be in this if you weren’t strong, so, just be patient and keep your peace.

          1. Colin Purrington Post author

            I think you’re right that company is not doing well. Their former accountant of many years recently quit, and he probably knew when to bail. Spartan Mosquito definitely makes good money on one-time buyers but 90% of their appeal is branding by the company’s Facebook page. The ads usually have nothing to with mosquitoes. I think “NRA” and “Hooters” used to show up as suggestions for similar pages … but Spartan Mosquito hid that feature last year.

  2. Tom Rodgers

    I have been using spartan mosquito baits with success for the last 3 years. I have tried to replicate them, but for the species of mosquito we have around here they are death. Good work boys, screw New York idiots.

  3. Matt

    Do any of the people leaving positive comments have young children? I bought 4 (2 boxes) of the Pro Tech. and my kids were still getting so many bites everyday. We don’t let them go outside in the evenings now. I spoke to our local feed store and they swore by them, so I bought more to replace the old ones. 3 weeks later and no change. I just went outside and killed 2 within 5 minutes. I live in a wooded area, but I don’t believe they work. I won’t give them anymore of my money.

    1. Colin Purrington Post author

      Please share your views on Facebook if you can. You’ll probably be unfriended by hundreds of true believers, stoned, and accused of being un-American … but it would be great to prevent others from being scammed. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

      1. Javier Diaz

        Hi Colin, Thank you so much for posting this! I hate companies that scams consumers and with so many 5 stars reviews you think it’s a good product but base on all those class actions make believe that half of the product is good and the rest is garbage so they can get away saying that their product is good or all the 5 stars reviews are fake and all their products doesn’t work. These people shouldn’t be selling this product in Amazon. I’m going to report them on Amazon so they stop selling these. Thank you so much Javier

        1. Colin Purrington Post author

          Not sure Amazon cares — company is selling a different tube there. If you can, report the company to the EPA or to state regulatory authorities. Or share my review on Facebook. Thanks for your comment.

      2. Javier Diaz

        Hi Colin, Thank you so much for posting this! I hate companies that scams consumers and with so many 5 stars reviews you think it’s a good product but base on all those class actions make believe that half of the product is good and the rest is garbage so they can get away saying that their product is good or all the 5 stars reviews are fake and all their products doesn’t work. These people shouldn’t be selling this product in Amazon. I’m going to report them on Amazon so they stop selling these. Thank you so much Javier

  4. JustAnotherJoe

    In reading this specific claim: “kills and inhibits mosquitoes to grow and breed again”, that is quite a stretch… Technically, I guess a mosquito could be trapped in this thing and eventually die, which also eliminates it’s ability to breed (LOL). It’s DIFFICULT to imply a placebo effect when it comes to mosquitoes and their human victims. I am a mosquito-bait human and am ready to try this based on the 2nd year experience of one of my business partners. Reading the reviews, they are weighted heavily towards mostly to completely effective, with a clear minority in the partly to ineffective range. People who are dissatisfied are more apt to publicaly announce their dissatisfaction (anecdotally by a factor of 10:1) over those who are satisfied. That would tell me that there is something positive about this product.

    Using “…a favorite of Trump and similar folks” as an element of the reasoning/justification behind this suit shows the character of the complainants. NOT to diminish or nullify any of the legit complaints, they need to be heard. But, really???

    1. Colin Purrington Post author

      I think the ratio of satisfied/unsatisfied reviews is an interesting metric. I could be wrong, but I’m wondering whether it varies with buyer demographics. For example, ratings on Amazon for divining rods are almost uniformly positive even though it’s well accepted by the general community that divining rods don’t work at all. The difference is that the pool of people buying and review divining rods is likely not a random sample of people. I suspect Spartan Mosquito is relying heavily on user testimony in its legal filings. It has a massive fan base, though it is losing marketshare to the six other companies that are making the same thing. Its decision to stop making the Eradicators is also angering many, especially because the replacement is more expensive and less effective. It will be interesting! Anyway, please do give it a try and let me know whether you see clouds of mosquitoes around the cap (the company claims that happens).

  5. Paul

    Ok, I would love a response from the professional professor.
    I live in Texas and had a bad mosquito problem. I tried the Spartan traps at the recommendation of the Home Depot sales person… Guess what., ZERO misquote bites to me OR my quests while sitting outside at night for 25 days straight.
    But after 25 days it seemed to be lessoning on effectiveness. $25 can quickly be spent on cans of foggers. So yes I got another pack and replaced them… Guess what Zero mosquito bites again. So professor, I’ll try to refill my old tubes with your recipe to see if I get the same great results and save $25. All the houses around me are an Acre, hard to replicate the same great results that I have experienced with Spartan I am sure. But I’ll give your home brew a shot and compare. And there isn’t a placebo effect with mosquito bites… you either get bit or you don’t. Wish they had a fire ant product that was this effective.

    1. Colin Purrington Post author

      Good luck. Out of curiosity, for those periods during which you believed the tubes were attracting/killing mosquitoes, did you observe mosquitoes gathering around them? Per all the ads I’ve seen that’s what is supposed to happen. But I haven’t been able to get confirmation, either from the company or from users, that the gathering actually happens.

      Also, you might check with Denton County Public Health. They monitor mosquitoes for diseases and occasionally spray parts of your area. Might be worth contacting them to see whether there might be other explanations for the variation in mosquito populations. The Justin public works department could also help you out, I’d bet: 940-648-2541.

  6. Larry

    I work at a Farm and Home store where these are sold. We have sold thousands and I would say 75% or more are repeat costumers. I trust the consumer that is buying and using the product that is why I just purchased a box for my yard. If it works, great…if not…oh well. At least I will have given it a shot.

    1. Colin Purrington Post author

      Please spy on your tubes with binoculars are big-lens camera. Company claims “mosquitoes will gather” but I’ve never seen that happen in my yard. And over the years of asking people to spy on their tubes, nobody has reported back seeing even a single mosquito. The devices (both the Eradicator and their newer Pro Tech) just don’t seem to be capable of attracting mosquitoes in the real world. But even if you did see a cloud of mosquitoes, the Eradicator simply cannot kill them … the salt has absolutely no effect. That’s not just my opinion — per experiments done by scientists, salt does not kill adult mosquitoes. Hence all the companies claiming otherwise are making false claims. They are charlatans who know how to pitch ads and build brand loyalty.

      Out of curiosity, if you conclude that device is a scam, will you stop selling it?

      Please report back, regardless, and thanks for stopping by.

  7. chester price

    I put one in my yard 3 weeks ago just like the directions said. I havn’t noticed any effect it has had on mosquitos . They are still bad!

  8. Allison Marsh

    My interest is piqued as we bought these last summer and I can’t quite remember how effective they were. This summer we have been using the BuzzPatch stickers which have some level of effectiveness but not 100% repelling for the 2 of 4 in our family who are mosquito magnets. My mom told me today about their experience with using Tougher Than Tom’s for the first time. She’s reporting no swarms at their backdoor when theyre are usually swarms, but the company site provides no details as to what their special formula is comprised of. However, they sound like they work in a similar manner in which the user adds water and hangs up canisters, changing every 6 weeks. Do you have any info on Tougher Than Toms?


    It is not a scam if it works for most people, Perhaps the people having problems
    have not followed the instructions or have standing water near their location or
    place them improperly. Without knowledge of the exact timing, location and
    proper use it would be impossible to prove that they were not working.
    I live in Florida near the beach and have always been exposed to the mosquito
    problem out doors. Two years ago I was given this product by someone who had
    used it and I have never had a problem with the bugs since. I will be buyig them
    again this year.

  10. Scott

    Noticed land next door that has always been a mosquito nightmare with them making one side of my property unihabitable no longer had mosquitos..
    I noticed a mosquito trap someone put in a tree mosquito eradicator.

    So…something is workinh


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