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Conference poster examples

In case you found this site while searching for conference poster examples, here are two from Daisy Bicking. If you like these, please see my Designing conference posters page for tips and downloadable templates.

Easy application of maggot debridement therapy to treat chronic absceses in laminitic horses

Alternative approach in rehabilitating the chronically laminitic foot utilizing composite materials

And if you’ve found this site because you have a lame horse, you can contact Daisy for details at daisyhavenfarm@gmail.com. She’s based in West Chester, Pennsylvania (near me), but makes road trips with her crew. She also gives seminars on how to do the above, and much more. You can also follow her farm on Facebook. Tell her I sent you.

My lame conference poster

Shown with co-author, Fran Jurga.  Poster discussed the value of using a poster session to mix the expertise of different types of conference participants.  I.e., not just academics. Presented at the “2011 International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot” over the weekend (hence the “lame” adjective).  Although the poster and Fran were in Florida, I was in Pennsylvania for the freakish October snow storm.

For those interested in technical details: 617 words, 24-pt font, 24 x 36″ overall dimensions.  We opted for photo-heavy layout so that viewers could get theme in seconds just by looking at image captions.  That’s how I like posters (see my “short” page on the topic, if you’re interested).  Photo by Daisy Bicking, I suspect.