Evolution tattoos

Charles Darwin tattoo on woman's neck. She worked at a local coffee shop and I left the tattoo in the tip jar. She had it on the next day, and I happened to have my camera with me.Evolution has an image problem.  It’s fundamental to all biology, totally true, and immensely interesting … yet many people still don’t feel comfortable talking about it at parties or at work, and it’s effectively banned during the early years of public education, when kids are actually interested in where things come from.

One possible way to chip away at this fear is to inject into the internet fun, clickable images of people displaying their acceptance of evolution. On Facebook. On Instagram. Etc. These images, if high quality, would eventually come up high in search results for “evolution” and “darwin” and thus would convey to young, impressionable searchers that evolution is not just something that old people with questionable grooming habits drone on about (and they do).

Girl with pink Victoria's Secret panties and a Charles Darwin tree of life tattoo on stomachSo I’ve been trying to generate such images by sending evolution tattoos to photogenic volunteers.

If you have a nice camera and have science-loving friends who are cute, contact me and I’ll send you one.  If they have a BMI in the 18.5 – 20 range, I’ll send you two. If you slapped a Darwin tattoo onto a fitspo-inclined woman and labelled it “survival of the fittest”, you’d be at the top of this image search within a week, I suspect.

And, yes, I’ve tried to get the Charles Darwin Academy Dance and Cheer Squad to model them for me, but they never write back.

If you know of somebody who’d be perfect for this silly little scheme, just share this page on his/her Facebook page (or whatever) with the comment, “Come on — do it for the children!”

ⓒ Colin Purrington 2004-2013

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