Evolutionary tree of life

If you want to flaunt your acceptance of evolution, here are examples of items featuring my 2008 redesign of Charles Darwin’s sketch of how species are related. To view all the options, just go to my Redbubble page and tunnel around. I especially like the sticker. For dark t-shirts and such (bottom row in gallery below) use this link. If you don’t see what you want or you’d prefer the image be in a different location, just let me know. FYI, I originally created the design for temporary tattoos, for Darwin’s 200th birthday party.

Proceeds from sales go to my legal defense fund.

I also have a Redbubble page for the design that omits the “I think”. E.g., travel mug below.


Please do not use this image to sell things on Amazon, Etsy, etc. I’d also be grateful if you didn’t painstakingly recreate my design in Photoshop and then claim you designed it independently (“directed convergence”). Yes, people do that. If you’d like to use Darwin’s sketch, it’s totally in the public domain:

Charles Darwin's "I think" sketch of the tree of life