Textbook disclaimer stickers

Anti-science folks love to emphasize the “just a theory” part of scientific understanding when such facts tend to fatally undermine a supernatural world view, and sometimes their actions can cause school districts to place “warnings” in kids’ textbooks. So I made stickers. My hope was that people might like share them with friends and teachers to help beat back the forces of ignorance.

Textbook, disclaimers, stickers, science, evolution, biology, gravity, Earth, tectonics, round, age, fossils, theory, fact, religion, creationism, book, textbook, school, school boardThe top left sticker is an actual sticker from Cobb County, Georgia (creationist parents forced the district to put it in biology textbooks). I sent these stickers to the lawyer involved in getting the sticker removed. The lawyer had them printed up large, as courtroom props. I hear the judge liked them a lot. Probably not critical for winning the case, but it made me happy to do my part.

If you live in a town with pitchfork-wielding parents who have charmingly Neolithic views on reality, please consider downloading the PDF of the above and printing onto sticker paper.  Then give them to your kids to use at school. It’s fun.


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