Textbook disclaimers

Here are some warning labels for books that you can print onto sticker paper. The top left sticker is an actual sticker from Cobb County, Georgia. Creationist parents had pressured the school board to paste it into a biology textbook that contained chapters on evolution. When I first heard about this in the news I was outraged, but it also made me laugh. So I decided to waste an entire afternoon creating similar stickers based on the same silly logic, then sent them to the lawyer in Georgia who was involved in getting the sticker removed. The lawyer had them printed up as huge posters and then used as courtroom props (the judge liked them a lot, I was told). I keep the stickers on the internet so that they can be used whenever pitchfork-wielding parents try something similar. Just download the PDF and get yourself some sticker paper. Then give them to your kids. They’ll know what to do.

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Here’s the version I did for the New York Times:


Here’s a photograph I took of the original sticker (sent to me by a teacher at the school):