October snow in PA

Enjoyed Christmas music on the way back from the barn today.  Saw 3 accidents, 2 of them fresh.  All SUVs, a trend that doesn’t seem to be rare and thus begs an explanation.  Do bad drivers tend to buy SUVs?  They’re certainly often the most aggressive, pass-on-the-right kind of vehicles, but you’d think they wouldn’t spin off into the snow at such a high rate.  I didn’t see the drivers, though…might all have been teenage boys, or the elderly (the two highest risk drivers, I’ve heard). Or is it just a consequence of more SUVs on the road when weather gets bad?



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  1. Cherish says:

    My personal feeling on the topic is that people driving SUVs tend to be overconfident. They seem to think that heavy vehicle (and possibly 4 wheel drive) makes them immune to the dangers of the road. Thus they’re less careful. They don’t seem to get that more mass means they’re going to have a harder times stopping and that a higher center of gravity tends to be problematic as well. I think they ought to have a physics of driving course for anyone who drives an SUV. :-)

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