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Sweet potato flesh can reduce yam confusion

So I have a silly, futile goal of reducing the confusion over sweet potatoes and yams in the United States. If you are a grocery store manager and are on board with this silly, futile goal, please consider displaying the flesh inside the different sweet potato varieties you sell. Doing that will reduce reliance on the strange habit of calling orange-fleshed sweet potatoes “yams.” You can easily show the insides of your sweet potatoes by chopping one in half and wrapping the cut end in plastic wrap, then placing back into the display shelf — you can even use a Sharpie to write stuff on the plastic (I’ve never seen this done … but I’m sure it would work). Or you can make signage that has a photograph of flesh. If you also add some thoughts on how to use them in cooking, even better. Below are two examples of ‘Nancy Hall’ and ‘Beauregard’ sweet potatoes that I cooked over the weekend.

Labels for sweet potatoesNote that the word “yam” does not appear on the sign. If you are the type that says, “What?? You idiot. That sure looks like a yam to me!” … please have look over my “Yams versus sweet potatoes” page. It probably won’t change your opinion, but you’ll at least know what a yam looks like.

On a side note, my ‘Nancy Hall’ sweet potatoes turned out great. I partially cooked them in the oven (coat with bacon fat first) and then sauteed the diced flesh with butter and hickory bark syrup. I used the ‘Beauregard’ to make biscuits. It turns out that biscuits are good with Chessmen cookie butter. Just saying.

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DIY caution signage for piles of #2

Caution signage for dog poopJust wanted to share a graphic in case you’d like to make some passive aggressive caution signage for the inconsiderate dog owner in your neighborhood.  Just download the PDF, cut out, then attach on cheap bamboo skewers.  Ideally, the dog owner will then get to see the signage for a few days, and it might influence his/her behavior in the future.  Ha, right. You can keep a few in your wallet for emergencies. If you’d like to see them in action, here you go. I’ve submitted one of those photographs to Passive-Aggressive Notes, of course.

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Passive-aggressive signage in the shrubbery

These signs are so good, I’m going to submit the photograph to Passive-Aggressive Notes.  For the sake of full disclosure, these are not my signs.  If you are in Swarthmore drinking whiskey, check them out in person. Contact me if you need directions.

colin purrington photography: unclassifiable &emdash; shrubbery-signage-in-swarthmore

colin purrington photography: unclassifiable &emdash; shrubbery-signage-2

Here’s a close-up of the right sign…but it’s hard to decipher.

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Shingles for sale

Had to stop and take a photograph of this drug store sign this afternoon.  Would love to know what percentage of the population knows that shingles is caused by herpes virus.  My guess is less than 5%.  Most people passing the drug store probably think roofing shingles are being sold.  And others might just think herpes inoculations are available, for those parents who are hosting shingles parties for their kids.

People suffering from shingles know that this sign refers to a shingles vaccine, but for the 99% of passersby, this sign means that roofing shingles are being sold.  It amused me.


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Overquoted signage

I’ve never understood why people use quotation marks instead of just bolding or italicizing important text.  Do they learn this from their “parents”?  Is it taught in some “school” districts?  Or is it just plain “genetic”?

In this instance, I couldn’t help but leave a snarky Post-It.  I really wanted to add periods, too, but didn’t.  If you want to see somebody who’s also annoyed by such mistakes, please visit the The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotations.

Overquoted signage


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