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Shingles for sale

Had to stop and take a photograph of this drug store sign this afternoon.  Would love to know what percentage of the population knows that shingles is caused by herpes virus.  My guess is less than 5%.  Most people passing the drug store probably think roofing shingles are being sold.  And others might just think herpes inoculations are available, for those parents who are hosting shingles parties for their kids.

People suffering from shingles know that this sign refers to a shingles vaccine, but for the 99% of passersby, this sign means that roofing shingles are being sold.  It amused me.


Overquoted signage

I’ve never understood why people use quotation marks instead of just bolding or italicizing important text.  Do they learn this from their “parents”?  Is it taught in some “school” districts?  Or is it just plain “genetic”?

In this instance, I couldn’t help but leave a snarky Post-It.  I really wanted to add periods, too, but didn’t.  If you want to see somebody who’s also annoyed by such mistakes, please visit the The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotations.

Overquoted signage


Cell phones make you drunk

Not really, of course, but jabbering away on a mobile phone decreases your driving skill just as dramatically.  And if you already suck at driving, then you’re probably a real menace, even if you use a fancy hands-free device that your spouse made you buy.

Hands free cell phone

Cell phones make you drunkAnyway, I’ve seen a few signs out there that appeal to motorists to hang up, but I’d like to see some signage that is a little more visual.  My attempt is above.  If you live in a town that doesn’t ban or shoot motorists with phones, try to get your mayor to spring for a few fun signs to get people’s attention.

If for some reason you have live on a busy street, have a massive lens, and have nothing to do all day, I really think somebody should snap a couple thousand photographs of people jabbering away behind the wheel.  If you have a small community, you could then post photographs of jabberers on a Facebook page to embarrass them into changing their ways.  Of course, you’d run out of friends fast, but it would amuse me to hear about somebody doing this.