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Photographs of cryptic spotted lanternfly egg masses

After I posted this photograph of spotted lanternfly egg masses on Twitter, several people asked me to point out where, exactly, the masses were. I did, but I also thought I’d add these images to my website in case people would like to use them in presentations (to help people prepare for the arrival of the pest in more states). I’ll highlight the egg locations below, but first try to find them. Click on the photograph to view a larger version.

Cryptic spotted lanternfly egg masses on river birch

Here is an image that shows the locations.

Cryptic spotted lanternfly egg masses on river birch

These photographs were taken on February 28, 2020, at the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill, PA. The river birches in the area had hundreds if not thousands of egg masses.

Spotted lanternflies tend to oviposit on any smooth surface, including man-made objects like buildings, shipping containers, cars, trains, shovels, etc.). They also have the annoying habit of laying egg masses underneath loose bark. There are, sadly, so many ways the insect is annoying.

More photographs of spotted lanternflies on my SmugMug account. Please also see my post, “Spotted lanternfly control tips“, for details on how to kill eggs, nymphs, and adults.