Cribraria aurantiaca

Just a short update about that mysterious green slime mold I posted about in 2017. It’s Cribraria aurantiaca. Huge thanks to Sarah Lloyd (author of Where the Slime Mould Creeps) for the identification on iNaturalist.

I’ve revisited the log perhaps 10 times over the past three years but I’ve failed to find the sporangia, which are yellow when fresh. I’ll keep trying. To me, the plasmodium looks just like oobleck, the green slime featured in the Dr Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck.

Cribraria aurantiaca growing under the bark of a decaying pine tree

More photographs on my flickr account.

If you like slime molds and have an Instagram account, follow Sarah Lloyd. She also has a website.

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