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Colin Purrington

I use this blog mainly to post nature photographs with geeky commentary. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, and iNaturalist.

My background: Reed College undergrad, Brown University PhD, Washington University/University of Chicago postdoc, then 14 years teaching evolutionary biology at Swarthmore College.

Some recent talks I’ve given: “Designing conference posters” (Canadian Endocrine Nurses), “How to take better plant photographs” (Providence Garden Club), “Natural history of cacao” (Swarthmore College Alumni Association).

If you need a high-quality print for your wall or as a gift, please browse my nature pics. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for but suspect I might have it, contact me and complain. Zenfolio (the company where I keep my photographs) offers more than prints, too, if you need an image on an object.

If for some reason my geeky tips have saved your life and you want to thank me, you can (1) buy me a coffee via my ko-fi page, (2) send me a science book from my Amazon wishlist, or (3) make a Paypal donation.

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