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Colin Purrington

I use this blog mainly to post nature photographs with geeky commentary. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, and iNaturalist.

My background: Reed College undergrad, Brown University PhD, Washington University/University of Chicago postdoc, then 14 years teaching evolutionary biology at Swarthmore College.

Some recent talks I’ve given: “Designing conference posters” (Canadian Endocrine Nurses), “How to take better plant photographs” (Providence Garden Club), “Natural history of cacao” (Swarthmore College Alumni Association).

If you need a high-quality print for your wall or as a gift, please browse my nature pics. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for but suspect I might have it, contact me and complain. Zenfolio (the company where I keep my photographs) offers more than prints, too, if you need an image on an object.

I also have various evolution-themed graphics — Darwin’s sketch of a phylogenetic tree, a vintage map of the Galapagos Islands, a Galapagos Islands airport code oval, and a Charles Darwin Has A Posse design — that can be printed onto stickers and such. Below are just samples. My goal in designing these graphics is to help people publicly show their acceptance of evolution and science. I think we need more of that.

If for some reason my geeky tips have saved your life and you want to thank me, you can (1) buy me a coffee via my ko-fi page, (2) send me a science book from my Amazon wishlist, or (3) make a Paypal donation.

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