Charles Darwin Has A Posse

Charles Darwin Has A PosseI designed this image so that folks who loved science could have something to stick on their lunchboxes and cars. I thought it would be funny but also not offensive like the Evolve Fish stickers. E.g., the folks with pitchforks wouldn’t steal your lunch or key your car.

Why do we need pro science stickers? If enough people displayed their acceptance of evolution and other reality-based concepts, more people would become overt reality fans. Currently, the anti-science folks seem to dictate the mood on this planet, and I’m not sure that’s really working out so well.

How to print

charles darwin, evolution, science, sticker, has a posse Print the “3×4 darwin file (PDF)” (image shown at right) onto “full sheet” label pages (e.g., Avery 5265). Then cut out individual images. Peeling the sticker backing off the resulting squares is indescribably annoying, but at least we have opposable thumbs, for reasons we don’t have to go into. You can also print the image onto magnetic inkjet paper, and then “sticker” ferrous objects without damaging the surfaces. I’ve successfully slapped MagnetoDarwins onto slow-moving taxis in New York City, for the record.  I’ve also attached them to the tip of my umbrella, and then used the extended reach to affix them onto steel girders that are normally too high for traditional stickering. It’s good fun.

If you’re too busy to make your own stickers, head over to my Cafepress site. I get about 1 sale per year. I spend the profit on stamps so I can send free stickers to deserving geeks.

About the source image

Photograph of Charles DarwinThe portrait of Darwin is from an 1881 photograph taken around the time he published his blockbuster, “The Formation of Vegetable Mould, through the Action of Worms.” I thought the image had a good “Make my day” look. My design is obviously based on Shepard Fairy’s “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” project that popped up around Providence in late 1980s while I was a graduate student at Brown University. I checked with him about emulating his sticker, and he was fine with it.

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If you’re really really into Charles Darwin, want to flaunt it, and are reasonably hot, I have tattoos for you.

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