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Colin PurringtonThis blog has gratuitous advice on topics such as conference posters, camel crickets, and sweet potatoes. I seem to gravitate toward futile projects at the intersection of photography, science, education, and graphic design.

Contrary to rumors, I don’t teach at Hudson University. I mentioned that in jest once, and it seemed to catch on. Hudson University is a fictional, crime-ridden campus in many Law & Order episodes. But I did teach at Swarthmore College (14 years), and I was once robbed by a student while I was lecturing (stole my keys!). While at Swarthmore I was the guy behind the Axis of Evo blog (focus was on increasing public acceptance of evolution). I still promote evolution through various pages here (e.g., Charles Darwin Has A Posse; Portable Charles Darwin). Other details you probably don’t care about: Reed College (BA), Brown University (PhD), Washington University (post doc), University of Chicago (post doc).

Also, I’ve been hit by lightning and tear-gassed, but luckily on different days.

If you want to see thousands of my photographs (many sciency, very few of me), here you go. Some have appeared on magazines, but vast majority have not. Make my day and buy one for your wall.

By the way, the photograph above is me in Thailand. It was a bad hair day. It often is. I took this photograph right before somebody stole my shoes.

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