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Contrary to rumors, I don’t teach at Hudson University. I mentioned that in jest once, and it seemed to catch on. Hudson University is a fictional, crime-ridden campus in many Law & Order episodes. But I did teach at Swarthmore College (14 years), and I was once robbed by a student while I was lecturing (stole my keys). While at Swarthmore I was the guy behind the Axis of Evo blog (focus was on increasing public acceptance of evolution). I still promote evolution through various pages here (e.g., Charles Darwin Has A Posse; Portable Charles Darwin). Other details you probably don’t care about: Reed College (BA), Brown University (PhD), Washington University (post doc), University of Chicago (post doc).

In other news, I’ve been hit by lightning, tear-gassed, and lived in Utah.

I have a Google+ and LinkedIn account but haven’t figured out why I have them yet. If you live in Swarthmore, I’m on Nextdoor. If you want one of my designs on a mug or t-shirt, check out my Redbubble page.

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