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Plastic is oil

Even though water bottles are often made of #1 plastic, quite a bit of oil is used (or burned) to make, decorate, fill, transport, chill, and recycle them.  (Energy details here, if you’re interested.)  And most people don’t recycle them.  If you are a fan of sustainability and a less-polluted world, you should stop using them except in emergencies (e.g., if you have a few cases in the basement for end days, that’s great).

plasticisoil, plastic is oil, water bottle, disposable, recyclable, energy, green, waste, garbage, environmentalBut everyone loves water bottles.  Some people use half-dozen per day.  So how to get people to question their addiction?  As a fun diversion, I designed the sticker at right.  The idea is to discreetly put them up at schools, workplaces, and stores, with the hope of slowly nudging people into ending their addictions to disposable plastic water bottles.

1. Download one of these two files:

2-image PDF for 4×6 sticker sheets
8-image PDF for 8 1/2 x 11″ sticker sheets

2. Print (I know, pretty obvious). I recommend Post-It printer paper (or equivalent) because it allows stickers to be easily removed by coworkers, bosses, police, etc. Similarly, using magnetic inkjet paper results in “stickers” that are perfect for refrigerators and beverage dispensers.

3. Attach onto water bottles at stores, or on shelving. Attach on counters at coffee shops. Etc…anywhere near where plastic water bottles are sold or handed out for free. And don’t get caught…bottled water is an $8 billion dollar a year business, so people who make money on this are rather fond of the scam.

4. If you have situated a sticker in a place that you think is just great, take a photograph and Tweet with the #plasticisoil tag. Or post a photograph and link back here. Or post a comment below with URL to photograph.

The above is probably futile, and potentially just a waste of sticker paper, ink, and associated printer and computer, but it seems that disposable water bottles are becoming more and more a ritual in peoples lives, and a little sticker shock might help alert a few people to how monumentally idiotic and wasteful they are. If you’d like to be better informed on the issue, please check out Inside the Bottle and Ban the Bottle.

Some colleges and universities have stopped selling/serving water bottles (article), and some stores have done the same (e.g., Mom’s doesn’t sell plastic water bottles anymore). But institutions and stores won’t just volunteer to do this … they need to be nudged, and agitation via stickers or other ploy will be needed to get people’s attention (I think).

Colin Purrington Photography: cute legs with green shoes &emdash;

Attractive alternatives to water bottles

The companion photo to my previous post. My favorite among them is the insulated Thermos behind the model’s right leg.  Ice cubes stay solid for over 24 hours.  Coffee stays lawsuit-hot for the entire morning.  Don’t try that with a water bottle.  My daughter steals it, so sometimes I hide it from her.

Reusable beverage containers