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Minor victory in my war against yam labeling fraud

In my futile quest to convince people that sweet potatoes shouldn’t be called yams (which are unrelated plants), I discovered that one can actually report vendors who label sweet potatoes as yams. So, for giggles, I reported Giant Foods to the USDA’s Misbranding and Misrepresentation Office. Below is a photograph I took in November of their organic sweet potatoes:

giant-sweet-potato-05 (1)

And now in all of their stores (that I’ve checked), they sell sweet potatoes labeled as sweet potatoes:

Nature's Promise sweet potato at Giant

It might be a small victory, but Giant Foods is giant, so I’m pleased. If you want to know more about my futile war, please see my page on Yams versus Sweet Potatoes. If you want to make your own report, just visit the above USDA site and send the contact person a photograph of the label along with store contact information. They’ll do the rest, and apparently in a persuasive way.

Letter to customers about yams and sweet potatoes

If you are the produce czar or czarina at a grocery store, here’s a sign you can print out that will reduce shoppers’ confusion over yams and sweet potatoes. Come on, do your part! More at “Yams versus sweet potatoes“.

Sign for informing customers that sweet potatoes will no longer be sold as yamsAnd, ideally, couple the announcement with new signage for your sweet potato bins. Something that shows off the flesh (the sweet potato flesh, that is).