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Variegated squirrel

I don’t like squirrels, but saw this one (a variegated squirrel, Sciurus variegatoides dorsalis) in Costa Rica and had to admit it was rather cute. Especially when it was hanging upside-down in a tree eating a mango.

Colin Purrington Photography: Costa Rica &emdash; Variegated squirrel (Sciurus variegatoides dorsalis)

Still, if I had a vegetable garden in Costa Rica I’m sure I’d quickly want to kill it.  Cuteness can’t hide pure evil.

Collar bone evolution

Photograph of a tree-of-life tattoo on a woman’s neck.  Taken on Darwin Day, February 12th. Neck is actually a Brit, so fitting. And she likes beetles!

Tree of life tattoo on girl's neck

Photograph copyright Libby Livermore. Click on photograph to visit her Flickr site.

Want to see more?  Here you go.  Or did you click on this darn post thinking you’d get information on the evolution of the clavicle??!  Well, it’s one of the bones that was involved with pectoral fins, back when our ancestors lived in water.  There you go!  Everyone happy, now?