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Selfies with Darwin

If you’re organizing a Darwin Day event for February 12th (his birthday), you need a life-size Darwin so partiers can pose for photographs. Contact me and I’ll send you the file … all you have to do is print him, glue him to a thick board, and cut around the image. Ideally, you just tell somebody else to do all of that. When he’s ready, just stand him up in a central location at your event. If you can get somebody with a camera to snap pics, all the better. If not, direct people to take selfies with their phones. For details, see my Portable Charles Darwin page.

Colin Purrington Photography: Charles Darwin cut-out &emdash; Charlie's angelsIf you go to trouble of making a life-size Darwin, you should also go to the trouble of having Charles Darwin Has A Posse stickers as party favors.

If you’re posting party photographs to Twitter and would like me to see them, use #darwinposse as hashtag, or include @colinpurrington. Have fun!

Donate to the Charles Darwin Foundation

If you’re in the sciency mood on Giving Tuesday, here’s a good cause: The Charles Darwin Foundation. I suspect they’d be glad to hear from you any day, though. The center may close down due to lack of funds (details). Please spread the word, especially to evolved millionaires.

Charles Darwin in a Santa hat

Charles Darwin is still a stand-up guy

If you’re planning on having a birthday party for Charles Darwin on February 12th (same day as Lincoln!), I’d like to encourage you to make a life-size cut-out of the guy.  Your guests can pose with him and then get high-quality photographs to use for their Facebook and Google+ profile images.  It would be fun, of course, but it would also help promote acceptance of evolution and reality through the subtle peer pressure of social media.

Charlie's Angels

If you’re interested, I can set you up with the image file (free!), so all you have to do is print him up, glue him onto poster board, and then cut out him out.  If you do it carefully, you’ll have a portable Charles Darwin that you can proudly take to any geeky event. Darwin was painted by Carl Buell, illustrator extraordinaire. Interested?  Here are the details.