Charles Darwin Has A Posse

I made this image in 2004 because I saw the need for a sticker that was pro-science without being anti-religion. For one of Charles Darwin’s birthday parties I had 500 printed up but, sadly, I’m all out. So I set the image up on Redbubble so people can get their own.

Charles Darwin Has A Posse

Some stickers in the wild:

If you feel so moved, you can even get the image on t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Charles Darwin Has A Posse t-shirt

The design is based on the André the Giant Has A Posse billboard (and stickers) that Shepard Fairy created while he was an undergrad at the Rhode Island School of Design. I was a graduate student at Brown University at the time, so I got to appreciate his project. I asked him whether he’d mind, and he didn’t.