Preventing plagiarism

Below are my thoughts on why plagiarism is so common and what people can do to reduce its prevalence. The tips below are organized by position in life, so if you have a position in life, please consider helping in some way. Public school teacher • Public school principal • Parent of grade-school child • College […]

Designing conference posters

A one-sentence overview of the poster concept A large-format poster is a big piece of paper or image on a wall-mounted monitor featuring a short title, an introduction to your burning question, an overview of your novel experimental approach, your amazing results in graphical form, some insightful discussion of aforementioned results, a listing of previously […]

Writing science papers

This advice is intended for students who need to write-up an experiment for a class. I’ve listed some brief thoughts on what should go into the various sections of a laboratory write-up and added tips that will hopefully please your Type A teacher. But don’t just follow the advice here: you also need to find […]