Charles Darwin Has A Posse stickers

If you need stickers for Darwin’s birthday (February 12th) I finally got the image up on Redbubble. These stickers are great for kids’ lunch boxes, skateboards, and prizes for biology class. Redbubble claims the stickers will survive 18 months outside, which is great news for those not allowed to bring evolution material inside the house. I’ll eventually put up some translated versions, too, so if you need this in Arabic, be patient.

Charles Darwin Has A Posse stickersIf you’re curious, I designed this image because I wanted a way to show my fondness for evolution but thought the “evolution fish” (the standard image for science and reality fans) was a tad too offensive. More details on my Charles Darwin Has A Posse page.

Charles and Andre the Giant have stickers

Photograph above by Paul Begley (Flickr).

2 thoughts on “Charles Darwin Has A Posse stickers

  1. William Gerk

    When I found out that Evolution was being removed from public schools it came as a great shock! Today, I am proud to say that I have the Freedom to take Anthropology 101at LACC. It is sad that those who believe that half an eye is useless should go and ask a fish on the bottom of the ocean what half an eye can do! How may I acquire “Darwin has a posse” stickers?

    Respectfully, William Gerk.


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