To liven up a poster session, wear your poster

For years I’ve been trying to convince somebody to make a sandwich board out of their poster, or to use their cloth poster as a cape (see my Designing conference posters for more gratuitous tips).  It would just be a great way to jazz up an otherwise slow poster session, and could enable motivated individuals to advertize their research by cruising the conference halls prior to the session.   My wait is over, with huge thanks to Dr Joy Drinnon and undergraduates at Milligan College:

Wearing a cloth science poster


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3 Responses to To liven up a poster session, wear your poster

  1. Ken says:

    Rather than an academic gown at a PhD graduation, they could wear a poster summarising their research.

  2. thinman says:

    Did you see this? They used you as a resource. We have the paper copy.

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