Chicxulub beach on a happier day

The beach at Chicxulub is pretty darn close to where the K/T asteroid hit the Yucatan some 65 million years ago, and caused the extinction of all the dinosaurs excepts birds.  As a biologist, it was on my life list of places to see, and the photograph below is from my visit to the Yucatan Peninsula in early 2013 (more coming).

Colin Purrington Photography: Yucatan, Mexico &emdash; boats-at-chicxulubThe asteroid was 6.2 miles in diameter (we think).  That might seem small … but if you’re a runner, that’s a 10K just to get across the darn thing.  But there would be no outrunning the consequences of the impact, which created fireballs, molten ejecta, tidal waves, climate change, etc., sparing little around the world.  It would have been spectacular. Definitely an Instagram moment (#ohno).

And here’s the sign close to where the core was drilled. Our guide was from this town (Yaxcopoil), I think, though he was not a part of the Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project. I wish there had been a museum there so that I could see the cores they recovered. Oh, well.

Colin Purrington Photography: Yucatan, Mexico &emdash; Dilling consortium site in Yaxcopoil, Mexico

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