My invention sucks more than before

This post shows a new setup for my automated system to vacuum camel crickets. The entire system (photograph below) now resides in a cardboard box, so it’s easily movable (I’ll be making cricket-sized holes around base, though, so they can approach from all sides).  Vacuum tube is now hidden behind box, but with a clear plastic dining tube attached and extending into the middle of the box.  Food bait is inserted into the dining tube at the end of a wire that is hooked around the tube entrance so that food is not vacuumed away along with cricket.  A Belkin WeMo motion sensor is suspended from above using a flexible wire that allows me to fuss with distance and angle.  Motion-sensing, battery-powered lights flank the dining arena. These lights have been covered in red paper so that the camel crickets are not as alarmed by the sudden illumination.  Finally, a Belkin Netcam HD is trained on the arena so that I can get alerts when there is something about to happen, just in case I can spare a moment to watch (it has infrared illumination). As per before, the motion sensor activates the vacuum, briefly, then resets for the next one — the system is fully automated and works 24/7. It really sucks.

 colin purrington photography: Blog photos &emdash; camel-cricket-vacuum-arena

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4 Responses to My invention sucks more than before

  1. Mark, camelcricketkiller, Kuperberg says:

    The technology is pretty impressive, but as with many things, duct tape works as well.

  2. Martin says:

    I had this idea also. A friend had a mouse ‘invasion’, and I was going to build a mousevac, but nothing came of it. Now we have a wasp problem and now I’m thinking ‘waspvac’. Was thinking of a battery powered unit, but that’s as far as I got. I like your setup. For a 120 volt mains a relay system would be interesting, holding the power for a few seconds. Congratulations on your work. Martin

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