Photos will not be posted online

Had to photograph this, of course.  From a horse show at Devon, where official photographer was sick of riders stealing the heavily watermarked “proof” versions via screen capture. I’ve suggested to a friend that he watermark show photos with, “overweight,” or something equally horrifying to typically style-sensitive, low-BMI equestrians in stretch pants.  Maybe just “Green mule division.” Probably wouldn’t prevent all illegal downloads, but I’m sure it would minimize the problem quite a bit, since people wouldn’t really want that text on their Facebook walls.

This photograph will not be posted online.

As an aside, sign would be more effective if title case not used. Not Sure Why People Use It.

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  1. barry

    Hello, sir. I bought Darwin Has A Posse luggage tags about 5 years ago. Was it from you? The fonts of this site seems familiar to me. Anyway, if you no longer have the luggage tags, I will settle for the buttons. Take care!


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