I propose that we all start using the word clag (pronounced like “slag”) to describe the infuriating time lag caused by other people fussing with their cell phones when they shouldn’t (clag = cell phone + time lag).  A clag, for example, is the delay caused by people so involved with their cell phones that they don’t realize the traffic light is green … and thus hold up all the cars behind them until somebody honks.  Clags are also common at coffee shops because patrons in line often self-entertain with cell phones instead of deciding what they might want to order, and then when asked to order seem to barely remember where they are.   Can also be used as a verb (e.g., “So sorry I missed the start of the wedding; I got clagged at two lights and then also at Starbuck’s”). Not to be confused with “clag” pronouced “klag,” of course.

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