Darwin has a bigger posse

Just in case you’re a fan of “Charles Darwin Has A Posse” stickers but prefer a different language, I have 12 more for you.  Some might need further edits so if you are a native speaker, drop me a line about how I should change wording. Posted today because it’s Darwin Day on February 12th.  If you need an image for you upcoming blog post, please feel free to embed. Original version here, where you can download a free sheet for making stickers in the privacy of your own home.

[smugmug url=”http://photography.colinpurrington.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=userkeyword&NickName=colinpurrington&Data=posse%2C+international&format=rss200&Size=Thumb” imagecount=”12″ start=”1″ num=”12″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”smugmug” captions=”true” sort=”true” window=”true” smugmug=”false” size=”M”]

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