Poster design goes viral

I’ve been invited to give a lecture on poster design at the NFID‘s 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research this Spring, in Maryland, and have tentatively titled my talk,  “Confronting the epidemic of bad posters at scientific conferences.”  To prepare myself, I wanted to drum up some opinons on poster sessions at virology-related meetings (I haven’t attended any).  Anyone?  Or anyone willing to give me photographs of past sessions from conferences #1-14?

Poster judging at scientific conference

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  1. Christof Schwiening says:

    Interesting. I have attended many scientific meetings both as an author and poster judge. I don’t know what your criteria for a good poster are, but I react badly to any poster not consisting of simple A4 (or equivalent) sheets of paper stuck to a board. Whilst large A0 sized posters are now the norm, they too often fail in too many ways. They usually contain mistakes that could easily have been corrected had they been proof read, the data is typically mature and the poster has the feel of work that has been doing the rounds. Simple sheets of paper travel in hand luggage, can be printed cheaply in the lab, can be taken off the poster board and drawn on, updated easily and left behind to remain to the very end of the meeting. Give me an enthusiastic scientist with new data any day over a polished clinician wearing a tie and hiding behind acronyms and colourful graphics…..IMHO.

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