Cell phones make you drunk

Not really, of course, but jabbering away on a mobile phone decreases your driving skill just as dramatically.  And if you already suck at driving, then you’re probably a real menace, even if you use a fancy hands-free device that your spouse made you buy.

Hands free cell phone

Cell phones make you drunkAnyway, I’ve seen a few signs out there that appeal to motorists to hang up, but I’d like to see some signage that is a little more visual.  My attempt is above.  If you live in a town that doesn’t ban or shoot motorists with phones, try to get your mayor to spring for a few fun signs to get people’s attention.

If for some reason you have live on a busy street, have a massive lens, and have nothing to do all day, I really think somebody should snap a couple thousand photographs of people jabbering away behind the wheel.  If you have a small community, you could then post photographs of jabberers on a Facebook page to embarrass them into changing their ways.  Of course, you’d run out of friends fast, but it would amuse me to hear about somebody doing this.

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