Totally lame posters

Although I couldn’t attend, I am co-author with Fran Jurga ( on a poster being presented at the “2011 International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot” in Florida.  I also got to help Daisy Bicking (of Daisy Haven Farm) design two posters for the event — both are about fixing lameness in horses (using composite materials, using medical grade maggots) and are shown below.

For those of you outside of the horse world, “lame” means “weak boned,” and is the ancestral meaning of the word.  “Lame” as a commentary about inadequacy came later, around WWII. E.g.., “that was a totally lame pun.”

(Photograph courtesy Daisy Bicking.) I did them in Apple Keynote, if you care, and are sized at 36 x 48″ to show off Daisy’s nice photography.  They both found me via my page, “Designing conference posters.”  I don’t have a photograph of my poster yet.

3 thoughts on “Totally lame posters

  1. fran

    I feel like I should grab a flashlight and pull on the hotel terry robe and go downstairs in the dark and photograph our poster! It looks superb!

    Let’s just put it this way: the poster session and your/my poster that you inspired and guided are much appreciated by the biggest bunch of “lame brains” on the planet!

    We have veterinarians, farriers, university researchers, gait analysts, natural-theory hoof trimmers, educatiors, surgeons, vet technicians, diagnostic imaging experts and horse owners all together under one roof from as far away as Japan, Australia, Germany and Switzerland. Right now they’re all dancing up a storm–or they were the last time I saw them–and I have to say that while the horses they treat may be lame, those crazy dancers were an athletic and perfectly sound bunch of merry-makers! We only get together every two years so tonight was special!

    Wish you were here to be part of the fun, Colin…but you certainly are here on the walls of the poster session–Daisy’s and your-my posters are superb, thanks to you!


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