Pen solution

A few years ago I tested the ability of various inks to stand up to water and other solvents. Here are the results:

Colin Purrington Photography: Laboratory notebooks &emdash; Ink bleed test.

Here are the pens (and pencil) that were tested:

Colin Purrington Photography: Laboratory notebooks &emdash; Pens in a beaker of water

I used the above information in my Maintaining a laboratory notebook page.

One thought on “Pen solution

  1. Jerry

    I was glad to read your notes about keeping a lab notebook but concerned to see your comment at the foot.
    Many years ago I worked in a company that gave similar advice pasted into the front of the hardback notebooks which were issued from site libraries who kept records of who they were issued to and retrieved them for safe keeping once full.
    The advice you give, except in the choice of words is along the same lines. However there was no guidance on pens and inks, at that time fountain pens were commonplace, it was expected that ink formulations used were the Blue/Black from Parker, Waterman etc which from my experience were both water and solvent resistant and of archival permanence.
    I still have my own notebooks in which the same inks were used and they are still legible today, some 50 years later, despite spending many days, if not years on the bench amongst collections of many common industrial solvent.
    A very interesting article.


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