Kicking your water bottle habit

If you read this post for 60 seconds, that’s how long it will take Americans to use 90,000 water bottles…that’s 1,500 every second, folks (source). A shameful statistic, for sure, and many people have decided to stop using them except for that stash in the basement set aside for the Apocalypse.  But individuals need to do more than just model conscientious, “green” lifestyles, they need to somehow shock or influence others — lots of others — into following their lead.  Because I have a blog and a camera (and a model!), I thought I’d make some lame attempts.  Here is the first contribution, a photograph that might be useful for others writing about kicking our collective water bottle habit.  More to come.

Kicking the plastic bottle habit

There is also great information over at Food & Water Watch.  And there’s also a book on the topic, Inside the Bottle (it’s on my Christmas list).

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