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Creepy blob of resin on a tree

While searching for yellow brain fungus on a hot day in December, I stumbled across this twisted little blob of gunk nestled in a bark crevice. At first I was all excited that it might be some sort of snow fungus (e.g., Tremella fuciformis) that was past its prime, but I’m pretty sure it’s just resin, gum, or sap — not sure which. But I’ve never seen resin with little spheres blebbing out, and nothing with a white membrane. It’s creepy. If you have more information or have wild speculation, please send me a note or leave a comment. Approximately 1″ long. Photographed at Lake Mohonk, New Paltz, New York.

I really had wanted this to be a slime mold … perhaps an immature Trichia or Stemonitis. If you’re a slime mold fan, please weigh in.

Colin Purrington Photography: Plants &emdash; Gum blob on bark

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Giant resin bee

Megachile sculpturalis (Hymenoptera), the giant resin bee.  At least that’s what I think it is. Never seen it before, but pretty distinctive in the way it holds its wings upright when resting. Beautiful insect, maybe shy of an inch long. Apparently makes nests inside old holes chewed out by carpenter bees. Photograph taken in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Colin Purrington Photography: Insects &emdash; Giant resin bee

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