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New photos from Mohonk Mountain House

Recent additions to my Mohonk gallery. Not a white Christmas, but always festive. And like all Mohonk experiences, filled with three filling meals per day. It will take several lifetimes of fasting to return to normal fighting weight.

Featured photo below is my lame attempt at graham cracker house. Ho, ho, ho.

Mohonk Candy House
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Christmas at Mohonk Mountain House

Some snowy photographs to get everyone in the Christmas mood — just click on photo below to jump to full gallery.  In case you’re interested, the coating on needles is from rime frost, not hoar frost.  That said, the title of the photograph below is “Hoar house” because it amuses me. If you’re a fan of frosted plants, fungi, and spider webs, I have photos of them, too.

Hoar house. This photograph was taken at the top of the hill next to Skytop, the folly on the top of the mountain.  FYI, the different parts of the hotel were built at different times.  They are always building new things on it.

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