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Copulating robber flies, with snack

Two rather large (almost 2″) robber flies mating on rabbitbrush in Madras, Oregon.  Male has a longhorn beetle (perhaps Crossidius hirtipes?) as a nuptial gift. I don’t know the species, unfortunately.

Colin Purrington Photography: Insects &emdash; Copulating robber flies

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Yellowjacket hover fly

Saw this fly ovipositing onto a recently toppled tree, in Clayton Park, New Jersey.  Pretty sure it’s Milesia virginiensis (Diptera), the yellowjacket hover fly.  It was large enough, though, to gave me pause for a few seconds.  Syrphids I’m familiar with are much smaller, and never really register as wasps.  A rather convincing mimic.

Colin Purrington Photography: Insects &emdash; Yellowjacket hover fly ovipositing

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