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Colin Purrington unmasked as just a cat

Just in case you’re curious what I look like, below is the image provided by SarahW on a blog post labeled, “David P. Metzger: Crusader for Justice, or Humorless Legal Thug?” For the record, though, I have blue eyes. But my eyes are just as buggy.

Photograph of Colin Purrington

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Christmas letters for cats

To juice up your holiday letter, I recommend a little spritz of catnip to the letter or envelope prior to mailing.  When the letter arrives at homes with cats, it will be attacked and, most likely, drooled upon.  Because my last name is Purrington, it just seems like the right thing to do.  And sending psychoactive drugs through the mail is just a great way to support the US Postal Service. I bought the bottle at Amazon, FYI.  In past years I’d just use my home grown stash, but the powder is messy and gives its presence away — I like the stealth nature of the spray.

Nobody really likes to get holiday letters filled with boring news about family happenings, so I like to at least make it interesting for people's cats -- I spray the envelopes with catnip.  Then, when the mail is out on the table, their cats go crazy and chew into the mail.  Well, at least it amuses me.  With a name like Purrington, I'm allowed to do things like this. Note that if you're courting somebody who's a cat person, apply some of this to your lap to get his/her cats to like you.  It will be your little secret.  So much better than Axe Body Spray.

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