Some science-related images I’ve made over the years, with links to places where you can order stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and mousepads as gifts for your geeky friends.

Charles Darwin Has A Posse: I made this ~2004 because I wanted a sticker that was funny and pro-science without being overtly scornful of folks who believed in the supernatural. Based on the AndrĂ© the Giant image that Shepard Fairy created while he was a RISD undergrad … I was a graduate student down the street at the time). Redbubble. I’ve added a few foreign-language versions: ArabicTurkish.

Charles Darwin Has A Posse

Charles Darwin’s “I think” sketch of the tree of life:  The original is a tad messy, so I simplified the lines and moved the “I think” notation to a different location. I originally created this design for tattoos, which I gave out to people willing to model them (examples). Redbubble. If you’re not a fan of the “I think” text, this version is for you.

Charles Darwin's "I think" tree of life sketch

Map of the Galapagos Islands: Based on a map in Charles Darwin’s Journal of Researches. Astute Darwin fans will notice that the names of the islands have been updated with modern, Spanish versions. I also colored in the islands. But the mug actually has two (2!) maps: one with Spanish names and one with English names, a combination that is handy when you’re reading both new and old books and journal articles about the Galapagos. Get your family matching t-shirts if you’re actually going … then you can point to the island you’re on when you take a selfie. Redbubble.

Charles Darwin's 1845 map of the Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Islands airport code: I designed this for evolution/travel fans who need an oval sticker for their cars. Redbubble. If you want “GPS” on the front and map of the Galapagos on the back, go to my Zazzle shoppe.

Galapagos Islands airport code oval

Galapagos Islands airport code, version 2: If you like maps and evolution, this obscure joke is for you. Apologies to everyone else. The GPS coordinates are for Baltra Airport, the main point of entry into the Galapagos Islands. Redbubble.

Galapagos Islands airport code with GPS coordinates

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