Charles Darwin Has A Posse

charles darwin, evolution, science, sticker, has a posseI designed this image so that folks who love science and reality could have something fun to stick on their cars and skateboards. Also great for parents who want to sticker their kid’s biology textbook, to mess with Creationist science teachers at local public school.

How to make stickers at home

Print the “3×4 darwin file (PDF)” (image shown at right) onto a full-sheet label page (e.g., Avery 5265). Then cut out individual images. Peeling the sticker backing off the resulting squares is annoying, but at least be thankful you have opposable thumbs (because evolution). You can also print the image onto magnetic inkjet paper to “sticker” ferrous objects (I’ve attached magnetodarwins to moving cars, which is fun).

Charles darwin has a posse stickersSome stickers in action:

If you’re posting sticker photographs to Twitter and would like me to see them, please use #darwinposse as hashtag, or mention me (@colinpurrington).

About the source image

Photograph of Charles DarwinThe portrait of Darwin is from an 1881 photograph taken around the time he published his blockbuster, “The Formation of Vegetable Mould, through the Action of Worms.” I thought the photograph had a good “Make my day” potential. My design is obviously based on Shepard Fairy’s “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” project that popped up around Providence in late 1980s while I was a graduate student at Brown University. I checked with him about emulating his sticker, and he was fine with it.

If you’re lazy and just want to buy a sticker, I set the image up on Redbubble. They are vinyl and can last 18 months outside, apparently. I waste all my profits on sticker paper so I can send stickers out to deserving, unsuspecting science fans.

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