Textbook disclaimers

The top left sticker is an actual sticker from Cobb County, Georgia, where a large contingent of pitchfork-wielding parents forced the district into undermining the teaching of evolution in public schools. This lunacy was ripe for mocking, of course, so I made a few stickers of my own …

Textbook, disclaimers, stickers, science, evolution, biology, gravity, Earth, tectonics, round, age, fossils, theory, fact, religion, creationism, book, textbook, school, school board… and then emailed them to the lawyer involved in the ensuing court case. The lawyer had them printed up large, as courtroom props. I hear the judge liked them a lot. Probably not critical for winning the case, but it made me happy to do my part.

If you live in a town with pitchfork-wielding parents who have charmingly Neolithic views on science and reality, please consider downloading the PDF of the above and printing onto sticker paper.  Then give them to your kids to use at school. It’s fun!

colin purrington photography: evolution graphics &emdash; angry-mob-attacks-charles-darwinPurrington, C.B. Textbook disclaimers. Retrieved YYYY-MM-DD from http://colinpurrington.com/graphics/science/textbookdisclaimers.

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One Response to Textbook disclaimers

  1. Rob V. says:

    Simply excellent! Captures perfectly the “so sad you have to laugh” feeling.