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  1. Julieanne Evans says:

    I know I am a few months late with your evolution tattoo campaign but I just want to say that I think it is an incredibly creative idea. I have grown up in the science department all throughout school and to be honest evolution was something that was hard for me accept as hardcore as some of my peers did. I am no longer in sciences, studying communication in school, but evolution is something I have begun to better understand. Sometimes being on the outside makes it easier to see things rather than when you have been so close for so long. The tattoo theme is also inspiring. Being a cheerleader, a sorority girl, and in the public very much due to public speaking, the couple small tattoos I do have aren’t seen as the most professional. I think that it is a way for artists and people alike can express ideas, meanings, and communicate with others on a deeper level. Incorporating the two of them is definitely creative.

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