Hardy kiwis

I’ve had to wait over 10 years, but my female kiwi finally set fruit in 2014 after probably 12 years. The fruit are tiny — about the size of a big grape — but wonderfully delicious.

Colin Purrington Photography: plants &emdash; hardy-kiwi-1

Colin Purrington Photography: plants &emdash; hardy-kiwi-2

Colin Purrington Photography: plants &emdash; hardy-kiwi-3


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4 Responses to Hardy kiwis

  1. I just saw this! so you can grow kiwi around here! any special treatment? mostly, was it worth the wait?

    • No special treatment needed at all. And yes, worth the wait. Fruit are divine. My big concern is how to now protect from squirrels … I’m sure they’ll develop a taste for them soon.

  2. RuthWells says:

    Holy crap, I’m impressed. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on my slacker fig tree just yet….

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