Desperately seeking CPBR “Call for preproposals” PDFs

If anyone happens to have archived versions of documents sent out by The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology, Inc., I’d be grateful to receive copies. They copied/pasted some text of mine into their guidelines on poster design, and I’d like to know what it looked like before and after that copying event. They are hard to find on the internet because of the “For internal use only. Do not post on the internet” warning that is printed in red on the first page. The document is sent to thousands of researchers and research administrators each year, so I know people have them. Unfortunately, I have emailed over 500 people asking them, and only one person has replied with a PDF so far. I suspect that the researchers and administrators I’d emailed were rightfully concerned about potential retribution by CPBR or Dorin Schumacher, but given the current news climate I don’t think people have to worry about that anymore (a bigger concern is whether CPBR will be around next year).

File name might be something like, “CPBR 2014 RFP.pdf”.

I’m also curious whether the “For internal use only. Do not post on the internet” text appeared after they plagiarized my content.

Oh, would also be equally interested in any poster-related handouts / Powerpoint slides from any of CPBR’s annual meetings (e.g., like the one from 2005, pictured below).

Thanks in advance!!!

CPBR symposium 2005

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