Mangosteens, finally

I couldn’t find these during travel in Central America or Asia, but now they are sold five blocks away (at 320 Market Cafe) from my house in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  So happy.  The USDA’s APHIS allowed Thailand to begin shipping mangosteens in 2007, and they are also grown in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, so I really thought we’d get them sooner. By the way, mangosteen is an anglicized version of the Malay word for this fruit. No relation to mango, though both are, indeed, plants.

A local deli just started carrying mangosteens (purple mangosteens, officially;  	Clusiaceae), long banned in the United States due to fears of Asian fruit flies stowaways. There availability is big news, or least big news for me.  Been trying to find this fruit for years, even failing in Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Thailand trips. In Costa Rica I tried to locate them by using very bad Spanish, and succeeded only in making the store clerks blush; they brought out some racy manga, instead.


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