Squirrel exclosure for suburban gardening

Here is my Type A solution to my Level 5 squirrel problem: a fully enclosed garden.  Drives the vermin absolutely crazy. Contains 5 raised beds separated by crushed-gravel paths, all under an 8-foot ceiling.  You can’t see them, but I use sturdy wire panels (the kind used for reinforcing cement floors and walls) to trellis tomatoes right up to the ceiling.  But it’s not yet done.  Still need to construct the vertical strawberry beds.  Stop by in a few weeks for a photo update, if you’re into this kind of thing. Can’t wait for Spring.

Photograph of wood squirrel exclosure over vegetable garden

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2 Responses to Squirrel exclosure for suburban gardening

  1. Daiva says:

    And how did it go? Could the bees access the flowers for pollinating?

    • No problem at all for bees, bumblebees, wasps, syrphids, etc.. I’d say the only problem is that large butterflies like monarchs can’t get in. But perennial flower garden has plenty for them, so they’re not starving.

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