Big pile of MOO

Thanks to David Airy (he had a giveaway), I now have a batch of double-sided MOO business cards populated with some of my photographs.  Now I just need to find people to give them to.

My first batch of business cards from MOO.  As with most people, I don't like to give them out -- I want to keep them.  I know, bad business model.

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6 Responses to Big pile of MOO

  1. Lauretta T-Bickersteth says:

    Collins,I enjoyed reading about your suggestions on designing a poster.Lauretta from NIgeria.Thank you

  2. afshin says:

    thanks for poster recs, I laughed a great deal while learning.. you have a magnificent sense of humor

  3. KellyAH says:

    Love your site! I send students to your poster info. FWIW: The links here (MOO and Photos) probably aren’t going where you intended.

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