Retractable fountain pen

To all you pen addicts out there, here’s a photo showing off my favorite pen, the Namiki (Pilot) Vanishing Point.  I liked it so much I bought a second.  For the rest of you, no doubt rolling your eyes, you should try one some day.  You’ll like it. Usually filled with Noodler’s Cayenne (yellow pen) or Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron.

Nib retracts into barrel with just a click.  Photograph captures nib in motion, hence the ghosting.  Filled with Noodler's Cayenne.



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4 Responses to Retractable fountain pen

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Fantastic! I have my VP in my pocket as I write this. ;-)

  2. Yaseen Al badawi says:

    It’s very lovely , I am loving pens And I adore writing , but sadly I can’t find any around me who loves pens !

  3. Kyle says:

    Just out of curiosity, what size nibs did you get, where did you order these from, and are they stock or custom (i.e. ‘Binderized’)? Thx -K

    • I originally ordered mine with medium, but quickly decided it was too big, so ordered a fine nib to pop in. I certainly was considering getting a Binderized one, and still might. Might have ordered pens from Binder, or perhaps Paradise Pens. I liked the pen so much I bought a second, just so I could have two inks. I use them daily.

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