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Dad In The Cloud iconDad In The Cloud (“Adventures of a web-based dad“) had a giveaway for a free SmugMug Pro account a few weeks ago, and for some reason I won. The last thing I’d won was a belt buckle from local radio station when I was in 6th grade.  And I hated that belt buckle.  So I’m grateful, and will put the account to good use.  Thank you, Rolando Silva!

My SmugMug page:

If you don’t know what SmugMug is, I refer you to my blog’s first post.

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  1. RJSilva @ Dad In The Cloud says:

    Hey Colin! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Pro account. Congrats man; I can’t wait to go check out your undoubtedly beautiful photography. See you around and have a great weekend!

  2. Hey, congrats on your win! If you ever decide that you’d like to enter more giveaways, please check out my blog! It’s a sort of directory for giveaways that are local to your area so the chances are a lot better of winning. No belt buckles! :)

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