Migrating Flickr photos to SmugMug

I’ve been uploading my photographs to Flickr since 2005, but tried a SmugMug Pro account this June so our local swim team could use it as a fundraiser site (parents buy photos that I’ve taken, profits go to team).  It was supposed to just be a summer fling, but it slowly became a bit more than that, and I decided last week to move all of my Flickr photos over via Smugglr (thanks David Perry).   Flickr is great, but 99% of my photographs are hidden galleries shared with friends and family, and SmugMug is perfect for that (works on Flickr, but only annoyingly).  Anyway, I found SmugMug so fun to use that I decided to get my own domain and equip it with a WordPress blog (what you’re reading) and my SmugMug galleries.   I didn’t need my own domain or blog, of course, but it’s Type A fun that will keep me off the streets for a few years. The tech support people at SmugMug (called “Smug Heroes”) helped me with all the hosting questions, and their expertise and patience are beyond wonderful.  I still need to fuss with blog to make it match my photo site, but presumably I’ll figure it out someday. Or not.

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